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Performance Tuning  

Performance Tuning  

Remap Your Vehicle 

We're an authorised Celtic Tuning dealer providing remapping for all types of vehicles including cars vans, 4X4, Commercial, Agricultural, Track and Race Cars 

Why Remap Your Vehicle? 

There are many reasons to have your vehicle remapped which include: 
More Miles per Gallon so you'll pay less on fuel 
Power and Torque noticeably increased 
Engine responding better when accelerator is pressed 
Minimizes carbon foot print 
Improved throttle response 

Celtic Tuning Authorised Dealer 


Discover how we can help you 

Visit the Celtic Tuning website and search for your vehicle by registration to find out how the performance of your vehicle can be enhanced 

What is Remapping? 

Most modern vehicles contain an engine control unit (ECU). You can think of an ECU as a small computer which controls how the engine works. The ECU is de-tuned by vehicle manufactures to default before shipping them throughout the world as they need to take into account the various climates along with the differing laws and restrictions in different countries. Vehicle remapping is the process of modifying the default software that the manufacturer provided with the ECU that can enhance the vehicles overall performance. 
Fred Sanders Garage provide remapping for all types of vehicle in Barnstaple, North Devon. 

4x4 Performance 

Pulling power is essential. From fun off-roading to serious working 4x4 vehicles. The Tunit will improve the torque where you need it to pull those heavy loads. Fuel economy can be improved by 7-10%. 

Commercial Performance 

Fuel economy is the name of the game for vans etc. 7-10% fuel savings on most vehicles. The increased torque results in fewer gear changes whilst optimising fuel delivery against throttle position. 

Agricultural Performance 

Agricultural equipment such as tractors and combine harvesters benefit from extra power. More power means more efficient ploughing, bailing, or spreading. 

Get In Touch 

Discuss your Performance Tuning requirements with Fred Sanders Garage in Barnstaple. 
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